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Visually Thirsty

Lynda McConnell 

(a very versatile artist)

Artistic services to quench your visual thirst.
Photographic Art

(coming soon)

Production Assistance
Lynda McConnell Visually Thirsty poetry

Quiet Musings

Consequential words in poetic form

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Lynda McConnell Visually Thirsty, Testamonials

Insightful words from previous clients

About The Artist
Themed Envionments

Courtyard Mural (8997 sqft)

Four Points Sheraton Hotel, Halifax, NS, Canada

Top of Tacoma Dr., Dartmouth, NS

Retaining Wall  (440 ft long)

Breakfast Nook

 Victorian B&B, Liverpool, NS
Chinatown Restaurant, Halifax NS, 
Residence, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Metalic Abstract Blend

Chinatown Restaurant, Halifax, NS

Cherry Blossom Ceiling

Triptych on Canvas

'The Antarctica' Private Collection


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