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Visually Thirsty


Lynda McConnell

Cow Bay Moose, Lynda McConnell
Salty, on a February beach hike
The artist and the ocean
Lynda McConnell, artist
A little background colour....
My name is Lynda McConnell and I've been creating amazing things for clients since 1992. 

Self-taught and versatile, some amazing opportunities have allowed me to expand the limits of my abilities over the past thirty years..
The experience of designing and managing a complex 9000 sqft installation in 2001 gave me great knowledge to bring forward as an artist, something I've been passionate about since I was
drawing my way through high school.
My inspiration comes from the ocean and our beautiful surroundings. Being immersed in nature brings on a creative mindset as I lose myself to sight and sound.

I live on Nova Scotia's eastern shore with my dog Salty, with magnificent beaches, good friends and family close by.

Once in a while, consequential words fIow through my mind like paint to a canvas..
Quiet Musings is a collection of poetry that rhymes.

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