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Cow Bay Moose, Lynda McConnell
Tacoma Dartmouth
A little background colour....

My name is Lynda McConnell, thanks for taking the time to stop by. I've been painting, designing and creating cool things for clients since 1992. 

Self-taught and versatile, some amazing opportunities have allowed me to expand the limits of my abilities and gain valuable knowledge along the way. With too many projects to count and experience managing the complexities of a massive installation, I consistently provide clients with results that blend well with their vision, no matter what the challenge may be.

My inspiration comes from the ocean, the trails and all of our beautiful surroundings. My hikes are simply excuses to immerse myself in a creative mindset, photographing whatever catches my attention and losing myself to sight and sound. I'm a bit of a hippy, a lover of life and a friend to the environment.


I hope to inspire people, young and old, to help make the world even more beautiful in every sense of the word.

Based in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Available everywhere from here.

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