From choosing the right colours, to artwork and accents, 

this casual style design service has been offered for more than twelve years

at a considerable cost saving to that of a full service interior design company.

Themed Environments
Project Spotlight....

With a long family history in competitive lumberjack sports, the owners of this authentic double-bit axe throwing lounge were eager to highlight some of the local logging history in the build of their second location.


Themed murals and accents, finished floors that define each section (including a Celtic 'rug' and a log jam) help represent the rich culture found in the lumberjack camps of the past.


Lynda played a few roles in this interior build, a combination artistic director, site manager, designer, wood sander/finisher, general painter, floor and mural artist, friend with a good eye and part time sampler of fine craft beer to add to the twelve tap bar-back! The owners would make weekly trips to the Moncton location from Halifax, usually bringing a load of

"wood with a story" discovered in small mills and old barns throughout the Maritimes. These pieces would be hand-crafted into the interior features and furnishings.

The result is an establishment glowing with character. Patrons can enjoy a cool refreshment, sample the menu, listen to live entertainment or throw a few axes.


Post-worthy backdrops throughout inspire great social media sharing opportunities!

Just the floors!

painted floor
painted floor
painted floor
painted floor
painted floor
painted floor

Quench your visual thirst!

Featured Interior:

Timber Lounge 

19 Orange Lane, Moncton,

New Brunswick, Canada

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