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Visually Thirsty


Lynda McConnell

Themed Environments

Within minuets of opening a fully themed axe throwing lounge, patrons were spotted 'log rolling' in the observation area and posting to social media. That's powerful stuff!
By incorporating the floors, walls and even doors right in the theme, customers are fully immersed in the experience you wish to provide.
Looking to provide an environment that uses colour and texture to evoke a feeling of calm?
If you have a space you'd like to talk about, reach out, We may be able to help. 
Youth clinic, before
Updated Youth clinic
Surface texture
Lynda provides solutions that make sense in the space they are designed for.
On the overhead arches of a nautical themed five star restaurant without a view, two large overhead murals portray
historic scenes of Halifax Harbour in black and white, each one facing the corresponding direction.  
Small details can make big impressions.
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