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Quiet Musings

Rudimentary Ruminations


have I given out too many pieces

have I saved up enough of myself
do I push it to keep it in motion
do I tuck it away on a shelf
can I keep it together much longer
can it hold at the seams and not burst
are the things I'm collecting all worthless
are they going to take it all first
what can I do to resolve it
what will be my magic trick
how does it all fit together
how can I get it to stick
when will I know if it's working
when will it be less intense
should I sit back and give it a moment
should I agonize till it makes sense
will it fill up with all that is needed
will my lifeboat capsize in the squall
is it going to be as it has been
is the question do I have it all
                                      - Lynda McConnell
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Context Notes: We often find ourselves pondering just where we are in our lives, where we are heading. This was written during a time of shifting roles, giving full support to someone at a crucial point in their life. A time of great sacrifice, putting my creative career on the slow burner for several years, yet it was greatly rewarded by the difference I was able to make in the life of another. A worthwhile roll at any cost.

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