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Quiet Musings

Lynda McConnell

The Struggle Is Real

Too much love
to settle for money
Too many bees
to make enough honey
Time stood still 
when it came to a choice
Ears that would listen
could not hear your voice
In the depths of the forest
a soft rising mist
A spirit is peaceful
its journey is swift
Gently embracing
all you have touched
nourishing souls
that love you so much
A morsel of moisture
a tear for an eye
As memories linger
a wrenching goodbye
Better for knowing him
lucky to feel
The permanent mark
of a person so real
                                                                                                          - Lynda McConnell                                       
Chev Ryn Timber
For Chev Ryn Timber
1991 - 2020

Title by Chev
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