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Quiet Musings

Lynda McConnell

Seven Years A Lover

I'd always been a giver
so this was hard to take
seven years a lover
one heart set to break
A loss for how it happened
into her arms I'd reach
seven years a lover
had led me to the beach

While spewing out my feelings
I heard her call my name
seven years a lover
no one there to blame
My breath in rhythmic motion
took comfort in the sight
seven years a lover
now here alone felt right

I'd lost my inner power
left myself a while
seven years a lover
still the water kept my smile
Bravely writing chapters
endless in my speech
seven years a lover
had led me to the beach....

                           - Lynda McConnell
Poetry image, sand
Context Notes:: The ocean is my inspiration, my clarity and my refuge. For a while I had abandoned our connection.
When I returned, I found myself there, waiting to be rediscovered.
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