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Lynda McConnell

Quiet Musings
Two Voices
I've searched my life for beauty
and finally found your shore
and I can make it better
better than before

It's best if we just lay it flat
some things will be no more
ten million years to cover up
some things we'll just ignore

I'll take your whole community
promise lots of stuff
get in close with what's his name
hope no one calls my bluff

Don't listen to your neighbours
just convince some friends
then when it's all over
I'm sure you'll make amends

For now I'll start the blasting
remove that pesky rock
if you want to make it better
I suggest we talk
The land had never spoke a word
silent all those years
but what was heard was just too much
the silence disappeared

A voice grew from the flora
the fauna showed itself
you have not seen my beauty
you've only seen yourself

My past contains the future
I'm not your goods to pledge
ten million years I cleanse the earth
you want to grind my ledge

My eelgrass beds the finest
life grows from what I've done
of all the things I can support
a golf course is not one

If you can see my beauty
without looking at yourself
I'll simply share it with you
come rest upon my shelf
- Lynda McConnell
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Context Notes:: The first voice, a billionaire who quietly gathered land and political influence to destroy diverse ecosystems and sidestep legal obligations while promising jobs to a remote community in return for their
support in building a golf course and subsequent luxury homes along the pristine shores.
A secret, backroom deal that could effectively delist a 
designated provincial park (and potentially others like it) was uncovered by a CBC journalist. Voices rose up by the thousands to spread word and stand their ground.
That's when the land spoke.  

Artists For Owls Head Submission 2022
Quiet Musings
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