Visually Thirsty - Services

"We share our thoughts, feelings and ideas using visual tools like paintings,

sculptures, photographs and exhibits. They help us define who we are."

Lynda McConnell

A Summary Of Services

Fine Art Murals:  Painted by hand, on-site or delivered from the studio

Themed Interiors:  Design, collaborate, paint, carve, whatever

Architectural Enhancement:  Sculpted walls and one of a kind accents

Freelance Assistant:  Production of objects requiring life-like detail

Landmarks And Exhibits:  Contrived or revived with tender loving care

Signage:  Treated like artwork, not mechanically reproduced

Commissioned Paintings:  Created on metal, canvas and hardboard

Photographic Art:  Engaging images and collections

A few of the ways Visually Thirsty can help to quench your visual thirst.

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